Community action.


Always committed to the Environment, Los Portales S.A. It deploys actions in order to minimize as much as possible the damage that its productive work generates to the ecosystem.

Both factories have strategies in this sense with the general objective of taking advantage of all the surplus resources, making them useful at the internal and community level. There is also a deep commitment to training, both in workers and managers. The training lines are also focused from the inside and towards the locations where the factories are located, that is, Guane, in Pinar del Río and Palmira in Cienfuegos. The idea is to defend a culture of social and environmental responsibility to ensure sustainability that will allow future generations to enjoy the same resources that we have today and also, at a specific level, to extend the time of exploitation of the springs that are used today.

The environmental project of the company aims to contribute positively to the development of the town and preservation of the environment, so that the reuse of waste materials from their productions are useful for the development of teaching media and student entertainment . Sustain the development and environmental support to the community and work in the awareness of children from an early age as a fundamental link in the awareness of environmental issues, creating values ​​in the new generations that allow them to have a clear vision of sustainable development.