Food Cuba 2.0


The company participated in the fair of reference with a stand of 28 m2, whose design was based on showing a wide visibility of the natural water Ciego Montero and Tonic water binder, the latter product which is objective in the short term to raise the level of sales.

It was a favorable framework for an exchange with the press that attended the meeting, showing the following information that we detail below:

"The Portales S.A. After several years of commercialization of the tonic water under the Ciego Montero brand in the 330 mL PET format (knobs) and from a stability study in the market, it decided to start production in 355 mL in cans, conserving the same physical characteristics. of the product, guaranteeing the longest permanence of the carbonation of this drink.

Ciego Montero tonic water is a binder that aromatizes with quinine. The reason why this compound is used in this type of drinks is its ability to enhance its flavor, turning it into a drink with a specific bitter taste that so many characterizes them. It is a very refreshing, soft and appetizing drink. "