On March 22 we celebrated the World Water Day in the company, which this year had as its theme "Do not leave anyone behind, Water for All", this is an adaptation of the central promise of...
They receive the Provincial Quality Award, the Ciego Montero Natural Mineral Water Bottling Plant and the Los Portales Factory that produces Ciego Montero Soft Drinks and Waters, both producing...
In the framework of FIHAV 2018, the company Los Portales SA, will present a new image for its soft drinks in the cans format in the Tukola, Orange, and Gaseosa flavors and for the Tonic Water binder.
The XVII edition of the Forum of Science and Technology of the company Los Portales S.A. He met in Havana the protagonists of both factories, who find intelligent solutions to the multiple...
Celebrating World Water Day in the central office in Havana and in Cienfuegos Ciego Montero in the primary school near the bottling plant.
The Energy of the Waters, is the message that attracted the company Los Portales S.A. to participate for the first time in the International Fair Termatalia Brasil 2018.