Creating recycling culture.

The workers of the bottling plant of natural mineral water CIEGO MONTERO led by Yaneisa, specialist in Security and protection, are distributing culture of recycling to all the...

Planta de tratamiento de residuales.
Residual treatment plant.

The waste treatment plant located in the Guane factory is one of the most important measures for the environmental work of the company.

Environmental Action of the company.

Both factories echo the environmental action of the Company through the creative reuse of waste. As a result, we found a number of effective solutions to problems of the factory itself and the...

Reciclaje, confección de materiales didácticos.
Circle of interest on recycling.

The Ciego Montero factory in the town of Palmira, in Cienfuegos, since 2009 develops a Circle of Interest associated with the environmental issue.